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A cable guy A home theater  A satellite disc being personally installed at a log house

Custom installation services

Wherever you need installation for your Satellite TV or internet, we can provide it to you. Just give us a call, talk to a real person immediately, and we'll be out to you in a flash.

 •  RVs

 •  Home theater pre-wiring

 •  Commercial work

 •  Residential projects

 •  New construction

 •  Existing homes

Custom installation for:

Whether you don't have the time or confidence to install your equipment yourself, our experts will be here to lend a helping hand.


We will get your job done quickly and efficiently and have you up and running and enjoying your new service.

Don't try to do it yourself

Whether it's in your RV that explores the open road or your home theatre that impresses your family and friends, we can install your equipment.

Get your equipment installed fast.


Call Randy today! no-1800 Facebook logo 7485852_189x51